Mynwood Cat Walking Jacket Harness Holster CREAM FLEECE Adult cat or Kitten

Mynwood Cat Walking Jacket Harness Holster CREAM FLEECE Adult cat or Kitten

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The Original Cat Walking Jacket/HarnessesFor you and your feline friend
Keep your kitty safe whilst giving him fresh air and exerciseCat Walking Jacket/Harness/Vest. My name is Maria, I live in Yorkshire and I am the designer of the original escape-proof cat jacket/harnesses.  I make each of my cat jackets by hand from quality materials.I am a proud owner of a Bengal teenager, Otis, a black Moggie, Coco, a Snow Bengal, Sherlock and 2 bengal kittens, Merlin and Magic.  I soon realised that the many harnesses on the market were not secure and not feline escape proof.  Cats were easily escaping from them by simply ‘reversing’ out of  them.While developing my design, I did a lot of research.  My design incorporates opinions and feedback from cat breeders and other owners.SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDMy design fulfils the 6 main aims for success:1)  Security2)  Strength3)  Practicality4)  Design5)  Comfort6)  Customer satisfactionHANDMADE QUALITYEach of my jackets are made from one seamless piece of quality fabric.  It fastens securely around the neck and tummy with long strips of velcro.  All jackets are reversible with black or coloured inside (as specified by the customer).My jackets are extremely durable, triple sewn for strength, hard wearing and machine washable.  They are easy to put on and adjust to your cat.  They have a super secure steel fastening D-ring with extra reinforced stitching to attach your lead to go for walkies.Please never leave your cat unattended outside.  My jackets are not designed for the cat to be left outside unattended whilst attached to something. CUSTOMER SERVICESI post the following day – if not the same day.ABSOLUTELY NO HIDDEN EXTRASTo ensure a  good fit, please email me with measurements of around the neck (where a collar sits) and chest (just behind the front legs).I make each jacket to order, they are proving very popular – see below for comments left on my website – please contact me for more details.Please contact me for a full list and pictures to go along with the descriptions – I cant add them along with the listing as there are too many.Im constantly adding more fabrics to my collection.WHEN YOU ORDERTo ensure a good fit please email me with measurements of your cat around the neck (where a collar sits) and chest (behind the front legs).  These jackets are not suitable for early generation Savannahs or Servals, please contact me for details about these.Please state colour choice and the size of your cat around the neck (where a collar sits) and chest (behind the front legs) either as you pay or by message. If you need any help with this, please contact me by either email of telephone 01430 430429 as I may be able to estimate it for you, basing on age, sex and breed.Delivery is usually within a couple of days, I always post out fast as a prompt service is important too.The listing does not include the cats in the pictures – only the jacket! These pictures were kindly sent by customers.The lead is NOT included (these can be picked up on ebay or in pet stores everywhere – I suggest an extendible dog lead)I post worldwide too!Feedback received:-Hello Maria,
The leopard print jacket arrived yesterday and we immediately bag training Tiger Lily.  She was afraid of the velcro sound at first but the lure of freedom was so enticing!
  By this morning she was out and about, cautiously at first and then ever more brave. 
Thank you for making a product that really works for Bengals, due to the high shoulder cut.  When Tiger Lily is fully at ease, we will send a photo to you. Thanks again.
Victoria RiversHi
Received the jacket yesterday and I am amazed how well made and beautiful it is.
 Smidge my long haired tabby is desperate to go out although he is a rescue cat and very nervous so up to know he has been an indoor cat.  I am hoping that with this jacket I can be out in the garden with him and allow him some outside space. I grabbed the bull by the horn yesterday and having let him sniff the jacket on the floor for several hours I finally put it on him. I was amazed he didnt struggle at all and I took him outside my front door  and a while.  At the moment he just sits down when outside but when he gets braver and actually stands  up I will definitely take a picture of him and send it to you.
Thanks again for an amazing jacket.

Hi Maria
Jacket received thank you very much, it looks great. I would just like to say your jackets have been a godsend to our cat Charlie. He had a diagnosis of hip dysphasia back in November and had a hip replacement and knee surgery in February. I made a decision to make Charlie an indoor cat when he had his diagnosis and managed to train him on his jacket and lead before his surgery. The jacket is amazing and has given him outdoor freedom and security he otherwise wouldn’t have had.
Thank you very much
   Hi Maria
I’ve received the blue jacket I ordered for my baby girl (Sasha) and it’s looking good so far! She’s had it on twice now in the house and apart from one or two unsure movements, she’s walking about and trotting upstairs and acting surprisingly normally! Getting it on her the second time was a bit more difficult as she knew what was coming so there was some wriggling involved, but once it’s on, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how well she took to it. Of course she’s getting plenty of treats each time and I’m putting it by the cat flap in between times – she likes to watch out of the cat flap so hopefully she’ll start associating the two. A few more times then I’ll try the lead, then it’s time for the garden! I did take her outside before I found your website but only briefly, watching her like a hawk and not relaxing for a second so this will be better for both of us! I’ll definitely try for a video and/or photos once we’ve got the hang of things – if you’ll excuse the current state of my garden 🙂
Thanks again
Penny & Sasha   Hi Maria,
Firstly thank you for your correspondence regarding this order it has been superb. I can confirm that we have received our cat harnesses & flexi leads. Upon opening we both were vey impressed with the quality of the harnesses & especially the personalised names. the real proof of the pudding came when we introduced these to Purrdy & Coco.  Again good news as they passed the dont they look like grant spiders that we can claw & bite to death test, they then passed the what are they like to wear test. This produced the three step fall over shuffle & also the i am walking backwards results. Both Purrdy & Coco already do not mind the harnesses being put on, but they are in the early stages of getting used to being outside hence they do not venture far from either my Wife or I. When they get more confident with being on leads I will forward photos for your site. Thank you again for such a great product & being such a pleasure to do business with.
Best Regards,
Trevor & Tracy.Hello Maria,We received our Harness vest for Tora-cat today!  he had some problems walking with a vest, but in about 15 minutes, he started running and chasing with the vest! 
I take some more pictures when he learns about walking outdoor!
Thank you from the United Kingdom
Curt & Kay Moriyama & Tora-catThank you for my amazing cat jacket Gizmo loves it so easy to put on him and very safe and comfortable for him.
He was an outdoor cat for a year but he had an accident and very nearly lost his back leg but with a wonderful vet at the pdsa and a year of treatment he can not bend it at the ankle but he can run and jump and he still has 4 paws, so now I do not let him out so it was wonderful to be able to take him in the garden worry free.
You have a wonderful product thank you once again and for your next day delivery
Yours sincerely 
Sharline and Gizmo xx
Ah Maria thank you soo much for this, really it is lovely to see! As I mentioned before our special little cat ‘Che’ was seriously ill when I brought the jacket, and we were totally devastated being told he may only have a few days, week left. But very happy to say he pulled through and is now back to his lovely little  self,  scamping around and thriving. It is a complete miracle that he is still here…. we truly do have a very dedicated vet. I also believe the  therapy walks in the garden had a big part to do with his recovery, it seemed to give him the spark he needed to start eating again and keep going. I cant thank you enough for sending the jacket so quickly and  for your wonderful service. Many kind wishes to you and your familyJo and Che xoxo
Hi Maria,

I have received the jacket, thank you.
You have done a great job, I can’t believe how well you have made it, it is so much better than the ones in the shops and such a quick delivery.
I will send you photos when I can and will definitely be ordering another one when he has grown out of this one as quality is best.
The lead training you have on your web page I have printed off and will be following the instructions.
Best wishes

Just to let you know I received the jackets this morning.They are lovely. I took the leapord Print straight round  to a friend who has my big cats brother. He looks very smart in it. He isn’t S use to harness walking as my Oscar is so might be a little while before I can get you his photo. I also forgot I has given my retractable lead to someone else so need to get another! Will send pictures soon .Thankyou again Maria for the lovley safe, comfortable harnesses. Priceless.. Also awesome speedy delivery .
Christine and Oscar and Albert.
The ‘Cat Walk’ Bailey wearing Red Eddie wearing Paw Project Francis wearing Royal Stewart Makhulu wearing Leopard Fur Ulrikes puss wearing BlackAuction design by

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